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what we do

We are a drone company. I can hear you say "Yet another drone company?". Innovatively not! We are engineering key drone components with an emphasis on weight reduction, as we aim for greater flight range and therefore strive for longer flight times for drones/UAVs. Everybody's wish is to fly longer. At the end, what is the point of flying if you can't stay in the air!

Unfortunately, today's drones and UAVs are mainly limited to their batteries and electric motors. Furthermore, standard propellers used in today’s drones are not employing the latest advancements on propellers of today's aviation industry.

Our research shows that the average flight time of commercial drones is approximately around 60 minutes. Flight time is the most crucial performance characteristic of a drone to us. Secondly, it’s cost. Commercial drones used for delivery, movie productions or search and rescue cost between 20,000 – 50,000 Euro. Our goal is to extend flight times while also decreasing the costs of drones and UAVs in the market.

I'm Kaan, Program Manager at Turncircles.
Expect longer flight times!

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