Axial flux

Magnetic efficiency is key to generate most power per weight.

We are using Halbach arrays in our motors that enables us to replace iron with high end ultra light materials such as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics.
On top, thanks to the axial design, we are doubling the magnet use. This is where the seemless power comes from; generating high torque.

16 Cores, 256GB RAM, 15 Hours calculation time
…And the results just as expected:

lightest motor for drones

World's lightest motor for drones is coming!

Axial Flux Electric Motor

Designing an optimal propeller
how it works

Unlike conditional propellers that run at high rates on commercial drones, we excel a blade design that produces high thrust at lower RPM

The propeller design is adapted to our motor based on its hydraulic torque requirement.
Axial flux produces high torque. This is the first and only axial flux motor at such size. Its weight weight optimized design and high quality materials make it unbeatable.

Find out more about our propeller supplier: Rockwood Composites


Propeller Simulation
Illustration of Chord = 30mm, Radius = 70mm, Thickness = 70%, Origin = 1%, Angle of attack = 0° at 1000RPM

Our computed airfoil is adapted to motor speed (RPM).

Airfoil parameters are simulated in computational fluid dynamics environment:
  • Chord (mm)
  • Radius (mm)
  • Thickness (%)
  • Origin (%)
  • Angle of attack (°)
  • Blade span (mm)
  • RPM


SmartFlight® enables flight control of various commercial drones and UAVs.

It manages data transfer as well as flight and mission control
It can be operated by your smartphone and tablet. The built-in state of the art flight controller and airframe will enable you to become an UAS pilot within the hour.


Camera & video

  • HD camera with auto focus
  • 4k video recording
  • HDR for photos and films
  • Image stabiliser
  • Object tracking – lock focus on a specific object

CPU & memory

  • ATmega2560
  • 8 programmable digital pins: with PWM support
  • Built-in Autopilot Features: Fly-Home, GPS hold, Fly-To position, etc.
  • Serial buss: SPI, I2C, and UART


  • UMTS HSPA (3G)
  • LTE (4G)
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality
  • ANT+ wireless technology
Partner UAVs


Partner UAVs

Our partner UAVs fly with our electric motor and propeller technology.

Aircraft Equipment


aerospace equipment

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are continuously looking for weight saving opportunities. Here we provide them with the solution. Less weight means less CO2 consumption and wider range.

E-Bikes and E-Wheelchairs


bikes and wheelchairs

Weight saving is also important on applications on the ground such as; e-bikes and e-wheelchairs. There will always be some stairs to carry your bike.