1 hour flight drone

Endurance that no other can keep up!

weather resistant long flight time drone with camera live stream

Performance and beauty are the centerpiece of the TC411. Extremely lightweight monobuild body is designed to enclose all electrical components of the highest quality in a wheather proof manner. Integration of the latest high performance and high capacity batteries makes the TC411 more efficient, yet equally compact. Hidden within its super flat design, the drone carries a 230Wh battery, which facilitates up to 60 minutes of flight time while it stays very durable against side winds. All parts of the drone are carefully selected to form the best-balanced aircraft of today to provide you with the most value in the air.

Drone applications

Aerial Photography

Got an interest in aerial photography or videography and want to see the world from above? Then TC411, a ready to fly aerial photography drone, is what you need. Sometimes, taking the best shot needs a lot of time and patience. As a long flight time drone with an onboard camera, TC411 will provide you the time you need in the air.
In addition, you can attach any camera externally and control it via the flight control app. It is the best drone for gopro or any other camera of your choice -plug and play!

2D / 3D Mapping

Thanks to geotagging functionality of TC411, you can create 2D / 3D maps.

Live stream to YouTube and share real-time flight video

flight control app live stream to youtubeBroadcast your real time flight view to your customers and/or friends from all around the world. They will see your first person view (FPV) in real-time.

Unmanned surveillance

There are many stabilized EO/ IR CCTV Thermal gimbal systems available for you to choose today. Turncircles drones best integrate with SPI Corp’s advanced M2-D IR/EO HD Gyro Camera System and offers up to 45 minutes of flight time.

Finally you can record longer thermal videos and analyze the heat movements over the time. You can read more details about this mini gyro stabilized EOIR drone FLIR thermal camera here.

Unmanned thermal surveillance

Drone specifications

Aircraft Specs
Flight time Up to 60 min
Size 450x330x310mm
Aircraft weight 1500 gr.
Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) 2000 gr.

TC411 is designed to deliver the optimal ratio of flight time and payload for your particular application. It can carry total payloads of up to 0.5 kg. Whether it is high-end aerial photography, videography, inspection, surveillance or surveying you are doing, the prolonged flight time will increase your operations efficiency.

Motion Sensors 9 Axis IMU
Navigation GPS
Processor 1GHz CPU
Graphics Processor Mali400 GPU
Memory 512MB DDR3 RAM
Storage 4GB NAND Storage
Connectivity Data link

Transmitter Specs

*You shall comply with your local regulations and fly within your line of sight unless authorized otherwise.
Check out the FAA rules for the operation of unmanned aircraft in the US, and EASA drone regulation for drone operations in the EU

Transmitter Module Voltage 12 Volts
Receiver Voltage 5-9 Volts
Maximum Transmitting Distance - Radio Control 5km
Maximum Transmitting Distance - Video 3km

Onboard Camera Specs

The Camera Module has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor. It can be used to take high-definition video, as well as still photographs. It’s a leap forward in image quality, colour fidelity, and low-light performance.
Not only the simultaneous still picture and video imaging at 30 frame/s in all pixels (no shutter lag and simultaneous recording), but also 4 times faster imaging became possible by 2 × 2 analog binning mode. This enables HD video recording with 2M pixels at full field of view and 120 frame/s, or 1280 × 720 pixels of 16:9 aspect ratio at 180 frame/s. Slow-motion recording using this function reproduces dynamic movements into a smooth video in flight recording, and sensitive movements or expressions beyond human vision can be captured.

Image Size Diagonal 4.60 mm (Type 1/4.0)
Total Number of Pixels 3296 (H) x 2512 (V) Approx. 8.28M pixels
Moving Picture Specifications 180 frame/s @ 720p
Moving Picture Specifications 60 frame/s @ 1080p