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Ultra light custom electric motor

Scalable and stackable.
Take your electric motor application to next level: make it lighter and smaller!

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Scalable in size and stackable as the power need

Turncircles motor design differentiates itself from other motor manufacturers by not using standard windings and any iron for the stators but rather using alternative concepts for providing the magnetic flux for producing motion.

The innovative design allows for easy assembly and can be scaled up to provide more power quickly by adding a stackable feature which allows a number of motors to be stacked together in a series. The motor can be adapted quickly for customers’ needs based on its parametric design.

The ultra light permanent magnet brushless DC electric motor technology is an axial flux motor available in in- and out-runner configurations and provides higher torque at lesser weight. It can be tailored to meet the exact specification between 65mm to 425mm in diameter, and the electric motor can be stacked to meet the power requirement from 50W up to 56kW. With each stack, you will add up power and torque to the electric motor.

Custom axial flux light weight custom electric motor

Scalable ultra light electric motor


Stackable ultra light electric motor


AF24PM Series Electric Motor Technical Specifications

Electric Motor Constants

Number of Magnetic Poles 24
Number of slots 72
Nominal speed 2200rpm
Fundamental frequency 440Hz
ESC PWM Rate 16-32kHz
Axial flux ultra light electric motor

Scalable/Stackable Specifications

Motor Diameter from 65mm to 425mm
Nominal Torque from 0.25Nm to 248Nm
Nominal Power from 56W to 56kW
Voltage (DC) from 11.1V to 370V
Pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet electric motor photo Pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet ultra light electric motor photo pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet electric motor with propellers attached photo
  • Up to 50% lighter electric motors compared to its equivalents!

    We are able to provide custom BLDC motors for volume production as well as low volume speciality projects.

    Customize your electric motor

Our Electric Motor Technology

Technological progress is defined by many aspects and in many cases you will find product improvements defined by being smaller, lighter and more powerful. These are the characteristics that Turncircles is focusing on for advancing electric motor technology.

The Turncircles team is dedicated to developing an electric motor that has superior Power-to-Weight performance compared to its leading competitors. Companies in the Aviation and Space industry can integrate our technology into their electric motor propelled products to reduce weight and increase power. These features can translate into improving flight times for UAV/Pseudo-Satellite manufacturers operating on earth or for reducing costs to launch motor-operated electronic devices into space by saving weight.

Turncircles motor design is scalable with short development lead times because it is based on a parametric motor model that is also stackable. This enables one motor design to fulfil a power range from 50W to 56 kW. The motor design is also simplistic, making it easy to assemble and repair. It is also reliable with less potential failure modes than conventional electric motors.

Space-Grade Electric Motor Roadmap

Electric motors are used everywhere, and Space is not an exception. From solar panel deployment of satellites to air conditioning pumps in ISS, from Moon- / Mars-Rover drives to drone propulsion on Mars or propulsion of Pseudo-Satellites, electric motors are in action in every aspect of Space Applications.

As the gravity holds us to the surface of the Earth, any gram of weight sent to Space is a huge burden in terms of required thrust, fuel-burn, and eventually costs. Sending one gram to Space costs up to 50€!

Turncircles capitalizes on this most valuable aspect of any aerospace application: the weight; and provides high power-to-weight ratio electric motor technology to enable smaller and lighter Space components to ease that burden and reduce costs for customers in the Space industry.

Now, with the support of ESA-BIC Prague, we will qualify and certify this electric motor technology for Space Applications.

Applications beyond Space

Mainly defined for propeller applications, our electric motors are as well suitable for other applications, sometimes combined with a gear box. E-bikes, wheel chairs, airline cabin equipment e.g. premium seats, to name just a few. Should the currently available model not suit your requirements, please contact us to better understand your application requirements and let us propose you an electric motor design.

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