Come and meet us at Drone Berlin Exhibition
October 14-15, 2016 in BERLIN

Meet Turncircles at Drone-Berlin Exhibition

On March 6, 1918, the first unmanned flight successfully traveled 1,000 yards to a predetermined way point. UAVs today are used for inspection, delivering post like never seen before and capturing video from points of views that only birds could enjoy. These UAVs suffer the same issue since 1918. After about thirty minutes of flight, the majority of drones must land and they remain grounded until the battery is recharged. According to Forbes, the current potential of UAVs in agriculture alone carries an economic forecast of $82 billion through to 2025. If you project UAVs to niches like search and rescue operations, aerial filming and photography, and home delivery, then imagine the potential of being able to stay in the air longer. The problem of staying in the air requires innovation. Turncircles is focused on innovative ways to push the flight time status quo to new boundaries by powering drones with composite reinforced motors with the highest power to weight ratio in the industry. Find out how Turncircles enable longer flight times for drones!

what we

  • flat motor technology
  • customized blade design
  • high thrust at low RPM
  • high torque at low RPM
  • optimized weight
  • high precision
  • high efficiency

*We provide you with the power and endurance your UAV/drone need
–setting new targets in the market.

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Cargo Drone
Concept for Airbus

Airbus Cargo Drone Concept A500CD

Having safety in mind, we have focused on gliding concepts only; so that in case of all systems failure, the drone would still safely land even if the parachute fails to open. Preferred ducted propellers to secure safety on ground and avoid using servo-motors to keep flight control simple. Find out more about our "sugar glider" concept on localmotors website.