Meet our drones at vivatech
JUNE 15-16-17, PARIS 2017

Turncircles drones at VivaTech Exhibition

Come and meet us at Drone Berlin Exhibition
21 - 22, September 2017. Berlin, Germany

Meet Turncircles at Drone-Berlin Exhibition

what we

  • flat motor technology
  • customized blade design
  • high thrust at low RPM
  • high torque at low RPM
  • optimized weight
  • high precision
  • high efficiency

*We provide you with the power and endurance your UAV/drone need
–setting new targets in the market.

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Cargo Drone
Concept for Airbus

Airbus Cargo Drone Concept A500CD

Having safety in mind, we have focused on gliding concepts only; so that in case of all systems failure, the drone would still safely land even if the parachute fails to open. Preferred ducted propellers to secure safety on ground and avoid using servo-motors to keep flight control simple. Find out more about our "sugar glider" concept on localmotors website.