Axial flux light weight custom electric motor

Scalable in size and stackable as the power need

Customize electric motor according to your needs

We offer any size brushless permanent magnet pancake DC motors that can be rapidly tailored to meet your exact specification between 65mm to 425mm in diameter ranging from 56Watts up to 56kW.
Where the size in diameter is reached, our electric motor can be stacked to meet the power requirement. With each stack, you will add up power and torque to the electric motor.

Simply follow below steps

  1. Provide required electric motor power output
  2. Adjust electric motor size if needed
  3. Enter your contact data and notes
  4. Send us the specifications

Input electric motor power need

Power output (POut) W
Input power (PIn) W
Torque (T) Nm

Customize electric motor

Scale Outer diameter
Stack Number of Stacks

Electric Motor Illustration

Custom Electric Motor Illustration

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All our electric motors come with 48 M3 holes at the housing by standard. This can be customized to your need.

Observe electric motor power consumption at different speed

Speed (n)
Power consumption W will be needed to generate above configured Nm torque at RPM speed.

Observe electric power supply at different voltage

DC voltage (Udc)
Line to line (Ull) V
Phase (Uf) V
Phase current (If) A

AF24PM-S is an axial flux 24 pole permanent magnet brushless ultra light DC electric motor

From 50W electric motor in 65mm in diameter (AF24PM-S1-065), up to 56kW electric motor AF24PM-S10-425 (425mm in diameter and stacked).

Custom electric motors are built to order, delivered in 8 weeks. We are able to provide custom BLDC motors for volume production as well as low volume speciality projects. Suggested order quantity is 4 units of same size electric motors.

Pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet electric motor photo Pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet ultra light electric motor photo pancake axial flux bldc permanent magnet electric motor with propellers attached photo

Number of turn per coil (N1) 8 turns/coil
Number of coils per phase 12 coils/phase
Winding factor (kw1) 0,951
Magnetic flux density in airgap (B) 0.600T (Bmg)
Magnetic span angle (alfa i) 0.55degree
Fundamental frequency (f) 440,000Hz
Number of phases (m1) 3
Number of poles (p) 24
Number of slots (Qs) 72
Number of parallel current paths 1

Pole Pitch (tau_p) 0,0131m avarage
Pole width (bp) 0,00720m avarage
Slot pitch 1
Slot pitch (ts) 0,3709cm
Layers of windings in each slot 2
Magnetic flux density in airgap (B) 0.600T (Bmg)
Magnetic span angle (alfa i) 0.55degree
Cosfi assumed (Cos fi) 1

Efficiency map of the electric motor

From Scale: 125mm in diameter efficiency vs torque graph of the lightest motor for drones

Download 3D CAD model